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  Movie Armaments Group (MAG) has a massive 4,000 square foot showroom located in Toronto.

In the Replica Gun Room you can find on display thousands of our replica non-firing guns, rocket and grenade launchers. We also have grenades (explosive, flash bang and tear gas types).

The replica weapons are very detailed AIRSOFT type. As well as plastic and metal replica guns, we have hard and soft rubber pistols and sub machine guns manufactured by MAG or to our specifications for use in stunts.

The Replica Showroom also allows you to choose from our huge inventory of accessories for the replicas such as lasers, telescopic and holographic sights, flashlights, accessory grips and slings. Our replica firearms range from black powder and cowboy guns to the latest high tech military and police type weapons.

The Replica Showroom does not display our real firearms. MAG's thousands of real, blank firing guns are stored in a different location. This location can only be accessed by special appointment and only by employees of a film production's key staff after a security check has been completed.

Please contact us for details on obtaining a security clearance if your production requires real guns. All live, blank firing guns are only transported to a film set by a licensed MAG armorer and must be under the full care and control of that armorer at all times, as per the firearms regulations. All gunfire can only take place under the additional supervision of a Police SWAT safety officer, as per the regulations.

  MAG has thousands of sets of military and police SWAT uniforms and all of the accompanying gear and body armour.

Our military uniforms start from the early Vietnam war right up to today's most high tech uniforms and equipment currently in use.

MAG's inventory features SWAT uniforms that cover almost any police agency including: FBI, Secret Service, CAT, Toronto Police, LAPD, New York, RCMP, OPP and all of the major U.S. police department's SWAT teams' uniforms and equipment all having the correct body armour, load bearing vests, helmets, boots and radios.

We have a large inventory of New York NYPD patrolman's uniforms, both older and the most current upgrade.

Our inventory includes a huge selection of both period and current police service belts, holsters, radios, boots, handcuffs, hats, body armour and detectives holsters accessories. Everything your "Hollywood" police department needs!

MAG also has multiple sets of the latest riot gear along with a selection of riot shields.
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